Shop Assistant
Shop Assistant (re-release)

Shop assistant

31st October 2005
24th November 2006
Cheesy pop

"Shop Assistant" was the debut single from British band Moronic Changeling, part of the album "Fruitilicious", later re-released as part of "The Love Embrace Of The Universe / The Best Of : Volume One".


1. Shop Assistant
2. This Is Me
3. Divalish

Following & PopularityEdit

Despite low chart and low sales (and terrible lyric and even worse guitar), the song gained a HUGE following. Addictive and versatile, "Shop Assistant" has been quoted as "the song which made Moronic Changeling what they are today". It is still a live favourite, usually an encore - every fan knows it and loves it.

The MascotEdit

The faerie showgirl on the front cover of the single has become Moronic Changeling's "mascot". Her outfit has often been worn in live shows by many members, most notably former member Kaethe Jenkins during the song itself, and Rayne Berry during "I'm Not A Boy, Not Quite A Woman". Stuffed dolls of the showgirl mascot are also available for sale on the Moronic Changeling official site.


Shop assistant r2

Re-release art. Lacking in originality? Yes. We know.

The song was popular enough to be re-released in November 2006, as a taster for Moronic Changeling's first Best Of, "The Love Embrace Of The Universe". Released around the time of the death of guitarist Justin Jenkins in a car crash, the entire single was dedicated to him, in particular track two, "Angel". The re-release of "Shop Assistant", now that the band had gained a bigger following, sold more and charted higher. Also, with a better line-up, the song was much better.


1. Shop Assistant (re-release)
2. Angel
3. Bright Side

Sales & Chart PositionsEdit

Release Title Peak Position(s) Overall Sales Album
31/10/2005 "Shop Assistant" 720 - - - - - - 49,100 Fruitilicious
24/11/2006 "Shop Assistant (re-release)" 17 11 51 18 87 96 37 1,685,330 The Love Embrace Of The Universe

Lyric SnippetEdit

(copyright Bikki 2005)

My shop assistant
My shop assistant
Can I buy your love
My shop assistant
I can't resist you
Do you sell your love

Random FactsEdit

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