Rebel Uprising.


Band Name
Rebel Uprising
Current Members
Gemma Ferns - Lead Vocals (Jan 2007 - Present)
Dean Keller - Lead Guitar (Jan 2007 - Present), Vocals
Justin McClane (Jan 2007 - Present) - Rhythm Guitar
Guy Collins - Bass (Feb 2007 - Present)
Tyler Albright - Drums (June 2008 - Present)
Former Members
Jamie Walsh Jan 2007 - September 2007
Greg Robinson September 2007 - Jan 2008
Chris Ulrich Jan 2007 - June 2008
London, United Kingdom
Alternative Rock
Years Active
2007 - Present
Death Records 2007
Midnight/Mythic 2007 - 2008
Spice Records 2008 - 2009
Midnight/Mythic 2009 - Present
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Rebel Uprising is a London based Alternative Rock quintet which formed in early 2007 and became household names when they signed to Death Records in July of the same year.
The band was formed by best friends Gemma Ferns and Dean Keller, who had known each other since their early teens, and the pair were soon joined by mutual friends Justin McClane, Chris Ulrich and Jamie Walsh. The band is famous for their live shows, having been seen by almost 20 million fans to date, as well as for their hard partying antics and a series of scandals including sex, drugs and drunken fights.

Formation and the early monthsEdit

After the band initially formed in early 2007 they began doing numerous tour dates in and around London, particularly in the Camden area, gaining a small but loyal fanbase before releasing their first single "Thanks For Getting Over Me". The single was the band's only independent release as they were soon signed to Death Records. Rebel Uprising gained a degree of attention in the music industry after supporting big acts such as Herr Fische and Aerospliff's Reef on tour. However, the band were thrown into stardom after lead singer Gemma Ferns duetted with Reef on a song entitled "Can I Touch U There?" which reached number 17 in the US.
The band were soon nominated for two Birdies at the International Music Awards, one for Best Newcomer and one for Most Attractive Female for Gemma Ferns. The band won the latter award.
It was around this time that the band released their first album, "The Red Manifesto" which included the band's second and third singles "The Cost of Immortality is Dying" and "Cleanse My Senses (Of The Blood on My Hands)" A UK tour quickly followed which saw the band begin to sell out Stadiums full of excited fans and the bands fourth single "What The World Takes", written in memory of Ferns grandmother, became the bands biggest selling single, selling almost a quarter of a million copies.

Death Records closure and Jamie Walsh's depatureEdit

Just as Rebel Uprising looked set to hit the big time the band came near to splitting after Dean Keller was stabbed outside a nightclub by a jealous husband who suspected the musician of having an affair with his wife - a claim Keller has always denied. He pulled through, however and shortly after his discharge from hospital the band were on the rocks again when their bass player, Jamie Walsh, left the band after claiming it had turned into the "Gemma and Dean show". Replacement, Greg Robinson was drafted in, only for Death Records to close down, leaving Rebel Uprising unsigned and free to be signed by Midnight/Mythic, where the band remained until 2008, when they signed to Spice Records, which Gemma Ferns co-owned with Girlspice.

Going UndergroundEdit

After Greg Robinson joined the band, they began to write their new album, Going Underground, which sold almost half a million copies in the UK alone, reaching 62 in the UK charts, and the band begun to plan a UK/US tour with Aesthetic Nightmare and Transferium Project supporting them. The band, who were nominated for several catagories for the 11th IMA's, were left disappointed after walking away empty handed.
Two singles were released from the Going Underground album, "Into Infinity" and "As I Lay Bleeding" before Gemma Ferns entered the Australian Jungle for the first series of "I'm A Rockstar, Get Me Outta Here", which Dean Keller presented along with GirlSpice's Paris.


Shortly after the "I'm A Rockstar" stint the band had a massive falling out after it was revealed that Dean Keller had sunk back into Cocaine addiction, and was thrown out of the band's shared home as a consequence.
The band brought in a replacement while Dean was cleaning up his act for the opening date of their UK/US tour in Wembley Stadium, but the plans were shorted lived after a sparked fuse led to an explosion at the venue the band were playing at, trapping Gemma, leaving Dean in a coma and, sadly, killing the bands bass player, Greg Robinson.
Dean went on to become clean and return to full health and Rebel Uprising held a small festival type memorial for Greg in which a number of big names performed at.


A few weeks after Greg's tragic death, Guy Collins was introduced to fans, via the bands official website, as the bands official new bass player - the bands 3rd in total. He, too, has had his fair share of controversy after being involved in an accident in which GirlSpice's Carly was hospitalised. At the same time, Dean was arrested for attacking Sexy Star outside a nightclub after the famous transvestite tried to grope him. However, both Dean or Guy were released without any charges being pressed.
After a long time struggling with their personal demons, life began to work itself out for the band with all five members claiming to be free and clean of all the drugs and have said they're to cut wild behaviour to concentrate on their career. Gemma once again won Most Attractive Female at the IMAs in which the band were nominated for twelve awards.
Rebel Uprising recently posted a youtube video in which they were heard discussing an upcoming tour as well as practicing a few newly written songs for a new album, expected in the summer of 2008.

Chris' Departure and The Band TodayEdit

The band suffered a further lineup change recently with the band's original drummer, Chris Ulrich, leaving the band due to numerous arguments with Guy Collins. The band had already found a new replacement, however, before Chris' departure had even been announced in the shape of Tyler Albright, an American model and musician. The band played a number of big summer festivals and their last single, Seen it All, sold over half a million copies and hit top 50 in every country it was released in, the band's best success in their career.

The band finally decided to call it a day in May 2009.