Mitsuko 02
Background information
Birth name Fujita Mitsuko (藤田 光子)
Born May 18, 1988
Origin Chiba, Japan
Genre(s) J-Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Radio Host, Designer
Years active 2008 - present
Label(s) Urban Kiss Records
Associated acts Yumi Takahashi

mitsuko (みつこ) (born Fujita Mitsuko (藤田光子) on May 18, 1988 in Chiba, Japan), is a Japanese pop artist. She debuted onto the music scene with her first single rhythm.

Early LifeEdit

Mitsuko was born in Chiba, Japan to parents both of Japanese decent. When she was 6 years old Mitsuko was already taking piano lessons, which did not interest her for long, leading her to stop less then a year into it. Mitsuko was then put into vocal training 3 years later at the age of 8, which she continued for 8 years until she was 16, when she decided that she no longer needed anymore vocal training and was eager to use her talents.

Mitsuko joined a few friends in her school, preforming with them on the streets, and then moving into clubs. She later put her singing career on hold to do some modeling and to try out some other ambitions that she had. When Mitsuko was 18 she created her own line of fragrances, which became hugely successful in Tokyo, earning her enough profit to start up her music career again.

Music CareerEdit

Diary EraEdit

After awhile of auditioning and trying her best to be discovered, Mitsuko had decided that she was tired of waiting to be discovered by a record label and took matters into her own hands. She then released her debut single rhythm, which managed to do fairly well on the charts in Asia, especially considering everything that was going against Mitsuko at the time. The single peaked on the charts at number 46 in Asia, and ended up selling a total of 235,547 copies. Mitsuko later released her second single Hello! heart, which did managed to peak at number 7 on the charts in Asia, which was a huge success, especially for an unsigned artist. She then went on to release her third single Reset Myself, which peaked at number 2 on the charts in Asia, and managing to sell a total of 264,587 copies. Soon after, Mitsuko released her next single ギザギザLIFE (Jagged Life), which peaked at number 4 on the Asian charts.

After the release of her fourth single, Mitsuko announced she would be releasing her debut album Diary. The album managed to reach the number 6 position on the charts, which was a huge success for Mitsuko, especially for a debut album of an unsigned artist. The album however did not contain Mitsuko's third single, which had been her highest charting and selling single up to this point. This is why many believe that the album did not peak within the top 5.

Chapter 2 EraEdit

After Mitsuko's silence from the music scene for quite some time, she released her second studio album Chapter 2, which surprisingly had no singles released before it's release (which happens to be very common for Japanese artists). Japanese star Yumi Takahashi was also credited with helping produce the majority of the tracks on the album. The album was a hit in Asia, debuting at number one in the Asian charts, becoming her first number one release in her career. Mitsuko soon after released her first single off her second studio album titled d e l i c i o u s. The single did well in the charts peaking within the top 5 in Asia. Mitsuko's next single off the album was soon after announced to be Night Life. The single performed better in the charts peaking at number 3 but sold less copies then the previous single before it. Standards was the next single released off the album and was also the first single to be released anywhere outside of Asia, it has been officially released within Canada, though not promoted there. The single charted in the number one spot in Asia, making it her first number one single.

Post-Chapter 2 EraEdit

After the release of her second album, Mitsuko began working on her next album, though during this time she was not heard from for awhile, until Mitsuko announced the release of her 8th single freestyle RADIO.


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