Make Something Count
Studio album by archaic couture.
Released June 28th, 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Alternative Rock, Pop Punk
Length 44:40
Language English
Label ADS
Producer Geoff Risner, Almen Scott

Make Something Count is the sophomore album from Las Vegas-based band archaic couture. that was released on June 29th, 2009. The ten-track album, produced my Geoff Risner in Las Vegas, Nevada clocks in at just under forty-five minutes, almost six minutes longer than the band's debut. The album's first single [[More Alive Than You'll Ever Know" was released in mid-April, and is expected to be followed up by the second, No Time Left For Sleeping in Mid-to-late June. In promotion of the album, archaic couture. has set out on a United States tour with This Comatose and Final Heaven and special guests on the "No Time Left For Sleeping 2009 Tour."

Track listingEdit

1. "More Alive Than You'll Ever Know"
2. "Sense Of Security"
3. "On My Way Back Home"
4. "Desert Pines High School, Class Of 2006"
5. "No Time Left For Sleeping"
6. "Elevation"
7. "The Group Conflict Theory"
8. "Odd Girl Out"
9. "Don't Ditch Old Friends Because Of The Popular Kids"
10. "Make Something Count"


Mila Ahtisaari - Vocals, Piano (Tracks 3, 10)
Tristan Meyers - Bass
Christopher Sekine - Drums
Ryan Stockington - Lead Guitar

Geoff Risner - Producer
Almen Scott - Co-Producer
Andy Tennant of Paramedics - Keyboards, Synth (Tracks 4,6,9)
Daniel Zerkes - Backing Guitar (Tracks 1,2,4,7)