Katie Price
Background information
Birth name Katie Price
Also known as Jordan
Born May 22nd, 1978
Origin Brighton, East Sussex, England
Genre(s) Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Model
Years active 2008-
Label(s) Metamorphosis Records/Rated X Records

Katie Price is a singer/songwriter/model from Brighton, East Sussex, England. She debuted with her first single Not Just Anybody (Single). She has released 12 singles , 1 Compilation album , & 2 Studio Albums to date.

Music CareerEdit

Katie Price made it known back in June 2008 that she was working on her debut album. From the start she had a lot of people that did not believe in her ability. So she started out in the United Kingdom going to local clubs and promoting herself as a singer. She would sing a cover of Heart Of Glass. Depending on the clubs , overall she had a mixed reaction. The industry heard of her trying to start a career and wrote her off as talentless. Through this Katie decided since no label will pick up her , she decided to produce and fund the release of her debut album Not Just Anybody (Album) herself. It was a bold move by her.

In August 2008 , Katie has completed work on her debut album. She thought it would be about time that she released the first single. Not Just Anybody (Single) the singlewas released in the United Kingdom only. despite selling over 100,000 copies it was considered a failure. Katie decided not to give up and it was followed up by the Questions/Answers single. Yet again the single didn't make much buzz though it sold close to 200,000 copies. It did however grab the attention of Metamorphosis Records.

In early September 2008 , Metamorphosis Records signed Katie to a multimillion dollar deal. They also offered her more regions for her albums/singles to be released in. Katie signed and her next single After Tonight was released in the UK & USA under Metamorphosis Records. It caused an outrage in both regions because of the lyrics and the cover of the singer where she appeared nude.

When the public was about to boycott the album from stores due to the sexuality of the single , label owner Bobby Zombie decided it would be best if Katie next released Angel. It was a song dedicated to her family and friends. It was released in the USA & UK. It sold fairly well and showed Katie dressed as an angel fully clothed on the single cover.

When it came to the last single from her debut album. Katie convinced Bobby Zombie to let her release Inside Of Me as the next single. It was the most sexual song on the album. Bobby agreed and it was released. The public didn't cry much over the original. It was the scandal surrounding the B.Zombie remix that appeared on the album where the two of them sounded like they were having sex on the track. The controversy also led to rumors that it has caused the divorce of Bobby from Katee Zombie.

This led to a very public feud between Katee and Katie. Then Bobby made a statement saying in fact he was dating the married Katie Price. This led Katie to totally pull herself out of the fight between the two soon to be divorced and think about the hurt the rumors must be having on her loved ones. Katie needed to clean up her image badly.

So in mid September 2008 , Katie recorded about 20 cover songs. Lots of duets with her husband Peter Andre... Katie never went on the record to deny or say the rumors Bobby was putting out were true or not. Katie then released A Whole New World Feat. Peter Andre for charity with all the proceeds going to charity. She even used their wedding picture as the cover of the single as a message saying their marriage was stronger than ever. The single sold well as well. Then they released another charity duet single... The Best Things In Life Are Free Feat. Peter Andre. That sold better with them doing performances of the single on TV shows and all proceeds going to charity.

Along the way of Bobby Zombie seeing how well the singles sold and going all to charity he got a bit greedy saying that Katie must pull some money into the label. He decided he was taking 10 of the covers she recorded and releasing a compilation album confusing many fans to think that it was her second studio album which it was not.

At the end of September 2008 , Covers: Collection was released. Katie stopped work on her upcoming second album Rated X and started promotion on the compilation album. She kept reminding the public that it was not her second album and that it was very unexpected. This soon led the public to notice the partnership between herself & Bobby Zombie begin to unravel.

Her 8th single was a duet with fellow label mate Natalya Banhart. Part Of Your World was released and became Katie's highest charting singles yet. Coming in at number 27 in the UK charts. It also helped the recent release of the Covers: Collection helping the album to sell over 1 million copies and come in at a high chart of number 7 in the UK. At this time Bobby Zombie has brought Elle Fame in as a co owner of the label. Katie was very pleased with that.

Her 9th single released was a Kylie Minogue cover and was Loving Days. The cover was tame compared to Katie's over covers. Then it was followed by the release of the Daphne Aguilera cover song of Play With Fire. Daphne was very pleased to have Katie cover her and asked her to be on album: The Comeback and Katie accepted along with other pop divas.

Elle Fame then helped Katie put together the Part Of Your World Tour. Before she went on tour Katie went to the price and urged fans to stop buying the Covers: Collection compilation album that Bobby Zombie is a greedy person and put it out without her consent and though she is proud of the songs and the success of it that she wants the fans to stop buying it. This soon led to more problems between the two and Bobby Zombie soon left the label to Elle Fame & also sold 50% to Freddy Valentine.

Katie's tour was deemed a success. During the tour she released a new track Finally it does not appear on any albums. It was to help promote the tour. The song is thank you to all the fans and everybody in the industry that has helped her. When then tour ended , a new band by the name of Babyteeth decided to attack Katie's music. They went on to start a whole war against katie price tour. Katie has no publicly spoken out about the bands and other artists attacks against her music.

After the tour Katie finished work on her Rated X album. At the same time she founded Rated X Records so she could sign acts and have more creative control over her music. At the end of October she released her 12th single Rated X (Single). It reached the top 20 in the UK and the top 40 in the USA. Following a week into November her 2nd studio album Rated X was released.


  1. Part Of Your World Tour



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  3. Rated X - 2nd Studio Album
  4. Latido Del Corazón - Spanish Album


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