Gillians are an old alternative rock band that started in 2004, had a good, long active period during 2008 where they became very successful, but then disappeared. All information about them was lost in a fire and various producer strikes, and the only information we have to go by is the information from May 2009 onwards. They are made up of Johnny Young (guitar and vocals), Sev Young (lead guitar), Bob Smith (bass and vocals) and Vic Dunlop (drums). They are about to embark on a tour and have a single set for release in early July.



Founding Date
21 December 2004
29 December 2004 - 21 November 2006, 21 December 2006 - Present
Liverpool, UK
Band Members
Johnny Young (Lead Guitar & Vocals)
Sev Young(Rhythm Guitar & Back-Up Vocals)
Bob Smith (Bass Guitar & Vocals)
Vic Dunlop (Drums)
Past Members
Fred Johnson (Bass Guitar, Post-Mortal)
Mouj the Stooge (Saxophone)
Alternative Rock