Emma Blunt


Birth Name
Emma Blunt
June 7, 1968
Christchurch, New Zealand
Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Years Active
2006 - 2007
RvM 2006 - 2007
Skank-A-Licious Records 2007-2008
Jellyfish Records 2008 - present
CBM 2006 - present

Emma Blunt is a pop singer, pianist and guitarist, known also as a radio presenter, from Christchurch, NZ.


Eb talesoffairy2

Back cover of the "Tales Of Fairy" EP with tracklisting.

Blunt's first release was a three-track EP, "Tales Of Fairy". She now considers it "embarrassingly bad", but no matter what Blunt herself thinks, it was the first demo received by Kirsty Cruz Management that president Kirsty Cruz actually liked. Blunt was immediately signed to KCM's connected label, Rekordfirma van Mouschi, and the EP "Tales Of Fairy" was released on 29th January 2006.
With total sales of 42,607, Blunt did not make a big impact in the public eye - KCM and RvM, both being new to the market, had very little knowledge of promotion. "Tales Of Fairy" was also a vinyl-only release, making it even less popular. However, those who did buy it had only good things to say.
Blunt seemed different to most "pop princesses" - a lot older for starters (she was 37 when her first EP was released). Also, she had no backing band, she played the music herself. Her influences include Sarah McLachlan, Dido and Kate Bush.

Lesbian EraEdit

Blunt released her first "proper" single, her first CD release, in February 2006. This single was "Washing Machine" - a sad lament about a broken washing machine, of all things. Selling over twice as much as "Tales Of Fairy", Blunt considered this to be a success.
She was luckier the second time (or third, depending on how you count it) with "Second Time Lucky". She and her late twin sister Madelaine, former member of Moronic Changeling, sung about how her parents were lucky with the second birth (again, could be the third, depending on how you count it), younger sister Modi Blunt - both the most loved and the most hated daughter in the family, but either way, she was the most noticed. Also, with the help of her British management, she had now begun touring in the UK, and this was her first release outside of Australasia.

The AlbumEdit

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No less than a day later, Emma Blunt's first album, "Lesbian", was released. The name alone generated a lot of interest, she said it was "just so people know". Blunt's first full set of songs got many different reviews, from "hauntingly beautiful" to "just plain weird". Though not a high charter or a massively big seller, Blunt considered her first album to be a success.