Elle Fame
Background information
Birth name Elle Cicconee
Born June 24th 1985
Origin New York City New York
Genre(s) Pop,Dance Electronica
Occupation(s) Singer/Songwriter
Years active 2008-Present
Label(s) Metamorphosis Records
Associated acts Jessie Pro,GirlSpice,Sexy Star,Tisha Jackson

Elle Fame is an American singer-songwriter born on the 22nd of June 1985 In New York City. She released her debut album This Is Me) in September 2008. She is currently signed to and the CEO of Metamorphosis Records.

Rise To FameEdit

Elle began her career as a dancer and nightclub performer where she performed in various clubs around the city of New York. It was here that Elle met a Studio owner who allowed her to record in his studio for half the price he charged normal customers.She recorded a view tracks and sent a demo disk to various record companys. Before getting any word back from a record dealer Elle Independently released her debut single Truth Or Dare on the 10th of July.She then signed with Failure To Launch Records in the summer of 2008.

This Is MeEdit

Elle began working on her debut album in June of 2008.She released her 1st single Truth Or Dare on the 10th of July in the uk only and after signing with Failure To Launch Records the single was re-released and Elle began recording the album. In early August Elle announced that the album would be titled This Is Me.

My debut album-This is me is due out in the Summer.I gave it that title as it sums up what the album is all about-Me. It is a fun,fast paced album with lots going on.

Crash and Burn was the second single released from the album which was her 1st release outside of the uk. The 3rd single Whisper in the Wind was released on August 25th which was her 1st release in Canada. The album was released on September 1st 2008 and became a huge success peaking within the top 200 in the USA,Canada,Europe and #50 in the Uk.Crimes of Passion was released on September 5th as the 4th single taken off the album.

It has sold over 1,400,000 copies worldwide to date


Elle appeared on Alex Sin's 5th Studio Album Echoes featuring on the track Leaving You Tonight which was released as the albums first single.It reached the top 10 in the Uk USA and Top 40 In Cananda.

Elle featured in a track with pop superstars GirlSpice called surveillance which was a B-Side to there hit single Hallucination.

She has collaborated with smash-up on there 3rd studio album due in December 2008.The track-Siko features Alex Sin.

The track Lollipop Luxury by SexyStar features Elle.

She will appear on Tisha Jackson's new album on the track Sexy.Sexy.Sexy

Also Elle will appear on the Tokyo Popstar album Confessions Of A Love Junkie on the track L.O.V.E.

Elle will open for rock superstars FAthOm on their forthcoming world tour on the dates October 6th,8th and 9th.

In September Rock Band Fear announced that Elle would be collaborating with them on a track to appear in their forthcoming album House Of Leaves. "The album features a collaboration with Elle Fame who is also from the same home state as them. Her and Alex Sin have been very good friends since the two recorded the hit duet "Leaving You Tonight" for Alex's 5th solo album "Echoes"." Paul Reeves of the band was quoted saying: "The album is our most melodic, darkest, scariest, and just a very good album. My favorite track would defintly have to be the one we did with Elle Fame she has such an amazing voice and is such an awesome person!".

Jessie Pro and Elle will embark on a world tour this october,for more information go to the This is Jessie and Elle Live

Current EventsEdit

Elle is about to go on tour with fellow popstar Jessie Pro.This is Jessie and Elle Live will begin on the 10th of october 2008 in the States and will viset Canada,The United Kingdom and Europe.It is set to finish on the 22nd of December.

Elle has stated that she has begun writing her 2nd studio album.She insists that she wants it to be perfect so she will be working hard over the coming months writing and recording the album as well as touring. The album is planned for a November release,just in time for the European Leg of the This is Jessie and Elle Live tour.

Defying GravityEdit

Elle has announced that she has finished work on her second studio album Defying Gravity. On November 8th 2008 Elle issued a statement regarding the release: ""Ok first of all i must apoligise to all my fans,they have been waiting months for this release,it has been postponed several times and they know basically nothing about it,well i am going to make it up to them and give them some juicy info on the album....The album will take my fans into Outer Space,its a non stop-full throttle-dancefloor thumper...It is going to totally Defy Gravity!". The album will be released on December 1st following the release of the 1st single Zero Gravity.



Release Title Peak Position(s) Overall Sales
September 1st 2008 This Is Me 50 180 159 155 N/R N/R N/R 207 1,400,000
December 1st, 2008 Defying Gravity TBR TBR TBR TBR TBR TBR TBR TBR TBR


Release Title Album Peak Position(s) Overall Sales
July 10th/18th Truth Or Dare This Is Me 438/321 - - - - - - 618/578 150,000
11th August 2008 Crash and Burn This Is Me 175 284 240 - - - - 435 333,000
25 August 2008 Whisper in the Wind This Is Me 134 205 169 187 - - - 250 505,000
5th September Crimes of Passion This Is Me 85 217 197 193 - - - 257 602,000
14th September Mabye Someday This Is Me 91 165 198 169 - - - 261 640,000
29th November Zero Gravity Defying Gravity - - -

Other SinglesEdit

Release Title Album Peak Position(s) Overall Sales
July 18th Leaving You Tonight(Featuring Elle Fame)(Alex Sin Song) Echoes 4 9 34 - - - - 222 763,000
September 21st 2008 Lollipop Luxury(Featuring Elle Fame)-(Sexy Star Song) Beauty Killer 180 17 N/R - - - - 375 420,000
September 25, 2008 SeXy SeXy SeXy featuring Elle Fame(Tisha Jackson Song) Keep The Faith 10 26 23 19 32 17 183 26 1,430,000
September 26th 2008 L.O.V.E(Featuring Elle Fame)-(Tokyo Popstar Song) Confessions of a Love Junkie 10 12 4 3 18 3 10 6 1,821,000
October 10th Up Against The Wall(With Jessie Pro) - 58 78 136 167 180 171 164 123 1,000,000
October 13th The City In Flames(Featuring Elle Fame)(Fear Song) House Of Leaves 1 2 4 1 1 1 9 2 1,215,000



  • 2008: 15th International Music Awards - Most Attractive Female
  • 2008: 15th International Music Awards - Best Solo Artist
  • 2008: 15th International Music Awards - Best Newcomer
  • 2008: 15th International Music Awards - Best Personality
  • 2008: 15th International Music Awards - Best International Artist
  • 2008: 15th International Music Awards - Best Single for Crash and Burn
  • 2008: 16th International Music Awards - Best Solo Artist

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