Black Forest

5 11 2006 Wintersun by Metalelf0

Bergen, Norway
Black metal (first demos)
Progressive viking metal
Years active
Storm - Lead Vocals
Necrontyr - Bass guitar
Infernos - Lead Guitar
Goat - Rhythm guitar
Odiun - Drums
Vanessa - Keyboards

Black Forest is a Bergen, Norway based Viking metal band formed in 2002. Their lyrics deal with Norse Mythology and Tolkien's Middle Earth.

The Early DaysEdit

The band formed after the split of the black/death band Axis. A few years after the split up Storm with Necrontyr decided to form something new. Storm called his old friends from childhood to join the band .

Black Forest recorded two demos (Myrkviðr and Ragnarok). With the raw black metal sound they received some interest from the underground zines and labels. Nearly all songs from the demos were never released after or took place on CDs in a very different version.

Debut Album And PresentEdit

After the release of Ragnarok they were offered a record deal by Malevolent Creations Records. Soon after they released their debut album The Frostbitten Saga that gained varied replies from zine's.

Cover of Black Forest's debut album The Frostbitten Saga

The raw sound slightly changed to a more hi-fi polished sound. With use of melodic progressive riffs, synths, keyboards and such instruments as flutes,violins and langeleiks.

Recently the band released their long awaited new album The Shadow Rises that lyrically is based on Middle Earth.


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