Seattle, Washington
Valencia Sault - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Thaddeus Sault - Lead Guitar
Derrick Tate - Drums
Years Active
2008 - Present

Asunder is a dream pop band from Seattle, Washington formed in early 2008.

Early yearsEdit

Formed by husband-and-wife duo Thaddeus and Valencia Sault and their longtime friend Derrick Tate, the trio started out performing covers of their favorite acts in small dives and hole-in-the-walls around Seattle. From there the began to gain a steady amount of popularity and attracted the attention of Eventual Records whom they quickly signed to. Unfortunately, the label began to go belly up and the band were forced to migrate over to Negative Records. It was here that their first release, She Channels Angels, was conceived. The single sold well-enough for the band to support themselves on a solo tour outside of their home state and also allowed them to gear up for their debut album, Hence Those Tears, which was released soon afterwards. Although these two releases never charted significantly, the band enjoyed the increased popularity they garnered from the indie scene.

Hiatus and ReturnEdit

The band took an unexpected leave of absence after finishing the US tour for their full length album. The UK tour that had been promised was unfortunately canceled and the band updated their official website/blog to apologize to fans. This update proved to be the last significant piece of news from the trio for months, and their fate remained unknown.

Fortunately, vocalist/bassist Valencia Sault broke the silence in August 2008 with a much needed update, informing fans and the music world as a whole that Asunder was definitely returning to the scene. It was also made known that the band had been working on some new material during their absence. As a treat for all those who still supported their endeavors, three of the new tracks were compiled and released as a single. Entitled Melpomene, it was released simultaneously in both the US and the UK, and also served as their first release outside of the US.

The band is no longer signed to their former label, Negative Records, and have been pursuing a possible signing with New Victory Records.

Musical Style and InfluencesEdit

The band has cited numerous times in the past that they draw their musical style from bands such as Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, and Cranes. Combining elements from dream pop, shoegaze, and goth rock has allowed them to craft their own unique sound that makes them distinguishable from similar acts. Recently with the release of their new single Melpomene their sound has began to leak into the realm of noise pop, employing techniques used by such acts as The Jesus and Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr.



Year Title Sales
2008 Hence Those Tears 170,056

Singles and EPs

Year Title Sales
2008 She Channels Angels 65,231
2008 Melpomene -