A Mutually Faithful...


September 1, 2007
Indie pop, twee pop

A Mutually Faithful, Monogamous Relationship in the Context of Marriage is the Expected Standard of Human Sexual Activity is the debut album by British indie pop band The Seymours. It was released on September 1, 2007 and peaked at #18 at the UK charts.

Lead singer Ian Picholl later revealed that the album is more of a compilation of early tracks from the band, rushed and repackaged in order to cash in on the band's early single success and has urged fans to look into the group's later efforts instead. The band have since then dismissed the album and blamed its faults on inexperience and pressure from their management, with the exception of "Oh No, Not You Again" which is still played regularly at concerts. The Seymours would reinvent themselves with their next self-titled album.

The period's b-sides were, unlike the album tracks, recorded after the band had signed to Midnight/Mythic and thus account for a better sound and more diversity. Both Picholl and guitarist Mat Gilbert have said that the leftovers and b-sides from the Midnight/Mythic sessions are among the band's best songs.

It's appalling . . . most of the songs are just lazy, slow, boring. I wish we hadn't put [it] out, really.

~ Ian Picholl on the album

It's not very good, is it?

~ Carl Pinchbeck on the album

I don't remember this one.

~ Mat Gilbert on the album

Track listingEdit

All songs written and composed by Ian Picholl, Carl Pinchbeck and Mat Gilbert, except where noted. 
# Title Length
1. "Emmerdale"   3:26
2. "Swallow"   2:42
3. "Losers"   3:17
4. "Inertia"   3:49
5. "Exactly What Is It That Makes Today's Music So Appealing?"   3:18
6. "Downers"   4:10
7. "Cloudy Day"   4:08
8. "Oh No, Not You Again"   3:27
9. "Superior of the Species"   4:19
10. "Solange Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (Picholl) 3:33

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